“and I love YOU random citizen!”

This week went by so fast!! I feel like I just e-mailed y’all!

First, Happy Birthday to my Mare Mare 🙂 haha Mary, if you’re reading this… write me a letter! I love you and am grateful for your years of friendship and beautiful example of a positive attitude.

I don’t think I told y’all this last week but I had my first real "missionary experience"… aka, we were walking down the street and out of no where there was a huge down pour. Needless to say we were SOAKED and we had many cars honking at us as we ran back to the apartment for our umbrella. Sister Bevan and I were laughing hysterically. I love being a missionary. It’s the perfect excuse to be goofy/ overly animated/ and insanely positive all at the same time. It’s literally the best thing and I never want it to end.

Oh!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY COMPANION, SISTER BEVAN!! She’s 21 and we’re planning on converting Iowa City at the bars around campus… just kidding… but it would be a funny tactic to try. Who wants to send her a birthday letter?! ("We do Sister Wolfgramm!") Thanks y’all! I know she’ll love it. and it makes me think that on my birthday my companion will do the same for me… right? #onecandream

Speaking of hashtags- Mom, Sister Bevan said you’re the coolest because you hashtagged in your letter to me. #keepitup But seriously, you are the best/most coolest mom ever and I love you!! Don’t forget to have some fun this summer. Ok?

This week was amazing. We had 4 lessons with our 2 investigators… yup, we had 2 lessons with each of them this week! That’s kinda like an area record….

Ummm so there’s a tornado warning and I’ve got to get off the computer. haha… welcome to Iowa. I LOVE Y’ALL.

(mom, don’t worry. I’M SAFE.)

"Walk by faith. Live by obedience. Lead by example." Pray always and count your blessings. God is aware of every one of us.

-Sister Wolfgramm


2 thoughts on ““and I love YOU random citizen!”

  1. Oh my goodness! I can’t believe I’m just now reading this one Brookie!!! I’ve been keeping up with you and am so proud of you! You’re in my prayers! Love you and thanks for the birthday wish miss brookie!

  2. Four of my YW have read the Book of Mormon on their own and so has my YW Presidency. For a treat, altho one is not needed, we will be going to Creede Repretory Theatre for a live performance of “Around the World in 80 days” and lunch. We now have three YW with their medallion and two more on the ‘home stretch’. Sara was the last one to receive her YW medallion and she just finished her freshman year! I love the ‘work’ these YW can do to create a life of service – just like you, Sister Brooke Wolfgramm.
    Uncle is up in the mountains getting a load of wood for our winter fires and I’m heading to a quilting group gathering.
    You are in our prayers and thoughts. Enjoy every moment of your service. You are our link to blessings :>

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