forgot to put video up

I forgot to attach this in my e-mail… will you put it on my blog?

p.s- remember:

how’s book of mormon reading (family)?

have the boys picked an ancestor to learn about? make it a "summer activity!"

invite a family over for FHE! (haha I love Eli)

thanks for keeping track of the "blessings book" 🙂 I’m keeping one as well (tender mercies)

I LOVE Y’ALL. You are all amazing and I appreciate all the e-mails. I wish I still had dear elders though! haha they were just so convienant. I also can’t spell any more. whatever.


One thought on “forgot to put video up

  1. Behind in checking my emails. I watched the Father’s video…touching especially as I am entering information about my father, Charles Ataongo Wolfgramm, into my genealogy program…AGAIN…, due to not backing info up and computer crashing. Yes, your Dad gave me a ‘look’ when I told him about what happened to our family history….sigh!
    Auntie Lata’s 80th b-day celebration was fantastic. She wore a red satin holoku that was made by our sister, Laura. I word a muumuu – tahitian print – that belonged to our sister, Lakai, so all the Wolfgramm sisters were represented at the party :> All of Lata’s children [DeVon, Ernest, Siliga, Charles, Meletoto, Richard, LauraVi, Moana, and Clinton] along with most of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren created an evening of memories. Lata was amazing and danced with all her grandsons that were there and even a great-grandson.
    I shared your birthday wishes with her. It was great to see Nupi. He is so proud of your missionary service – as we all are. Keep safe, keep teaching, keep learning and keep serving. Ofa atu to you in Iowa.

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