It shows my platonic burning love for the Sisters

First things first…. I’ve been re-assigned to the Iowa Des Moines Mission!!! Woot woot!! Ummm Zac Jergensen, you better e-mail me details pronto! I leave next Wednesday morning and I am pretty stoked. It just doesn’t seem real that I’m leaving the MTC. The time went by too quickly.
My flight plans are:
Delta 992 leaving SLC at 7:00 AM arriving in Minneapolis, MN at 10:29 AM and then Delta 3538 leaving MN at 1:05 PM and arriving in Des Moines, Iowa at 2:11 PM. AHHHHHH! Dad, I fully expect you to track my flight 😉 haha I’m buying a calling card so send me a ‘Dear Elder’ and let me know what time I should call… I’m not sure how much time I’ll have between when I arrive at the airport in SLC and when I’ll leave so my only time to call may be in Minneapolis.

-I met a bunch of Sisters going to the Atlanta mission!!! I spoke with a few of them and got their names down so everyone be on the lookout! They’re excited to come serve the people of Atlanta and apparently there’s a lot of Sisters heading that way 🙂 Their names are Sister Sullivan, Sister Bird, Sister Gould, Sister Freeman, and Sister Ross. It was so fun to talk to them about home.
-I don’t know what else to say really… this week has been a blur and off the normal schedule.
Sister Cowan and I were not able to skype with the Brazilians last week but we’re doing it tonight! Eeep! Last week we met with a guy named Christian who served his mission in Portugal. I didn’t understand anything but we had a great time. Apparently he told Irma Petitta that Sister Cowan and I were like peanut butter & jelly and he said we had "sufficient personalities" hahaha…. whatever that means! but we do agree with Christian on the "peanut butter & jelly" thing… It’s crazy to think I didn’t know Sister Cowan before my mission. I love her so much and when I found out she is leaving tomorrow morning (and we’re not going to the same mission for re-assignments) I started crying: ugly cry, mascara running, sobbing… the whole 9 yards. but I’m so excited for her. She is going to work miracles in Montana and we’ll reunite in Brasil.

-I SAW SISTER TRAMMELL!!!!! Maybe Mama Trammell sent you (mom) pictures? or maybe the pics are on Facebook (#whateverthatis)? but it was so amazing to see Sister Trammell. I was her "host" at the MTC and showed her some of the ropes. She lives on the floor above me and I’ve seen her a few times since.

-Lately I’ve realized how universal the gospel of Jesus Christ is. I mean, I know we’re all children of Heavenly Father but I don’t know if I’ve ever stopped to think that the gospel of Jesus Christ is for every soul on this earth. The gospel can answer the questions of the soul, heal the broken heart, give purpose to a life, and add more fully upon the joys and truths many people already know and cherish. Thanks family for sharing with me your "missionary moments." Don’t be afraid to share more. Invite one family over for dinner this month- a family not in the ward who we haven’t had over before (pray about it). Talk with them, get to know them, laugh with them and share something about the gospel with them. I promise you can do it. The gospel is in every details of our lives. If you trust in Heavenly Father and are led by His Spirit you will be able to bring up the gospel in a "natural and normal" way. It won’t seem "threatening." They will be touched by your love for God and they will draw nearer to their Father in Heaven through you. I promise you all that.

-At devotional the speaker shared a quote that I love… It’s the story about a prince who was captured and tortured to do things contrary to his belief and his loyalty to his country. He wouldn’t break and finally his captors asked why. He replied, "I cannot do which you ask for I was born to be King." We, as children of our Heavenly Father, are destined to become Kings and Queens. The Father has promised us all that He hath if we are true and faithful to His commandments and our convenants. Parker, you were born to be King. Hamilton, you were born to be King. Tate, you were born to be King. Eli, you were born to be King. Mom, you were born to be Queen. Dad, you were born to be King.

Remember the Savior. Remember Him as if He stood beside you. Remember that when Satan comes trying to capture your heart and your mind, to lead you contrary to things of your Father, to break you, and to make you feel worthless… YOU were born to be King.

Eu amo voces com toda minha coracao.

Sister Wolfgramm


One thought on “It shows my platonic burning love for the Sisters

  1. Brookie (Sister Brookie)!!!!!
    I just wanted to say how much I love you and miss you! Reading your blogs just reminds me what a wonderful and passionate person you are and how important you are to this world. I am praying for you, and I am so proud of you. You are the best!
    Your friend,

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