1 June, 2013 00:55

This is Brooke’s Friend Kara Trammell who entered the MTC this week. Her mom sent the pictures and Brooke got to greet her friend who is going to serve a mission in Suva, Fiji.

Photo: Parker Wolfgramm I'm Kara Trammell's mom and she wanted me to send these pictures to you so you could show your parents. Brooke was Kara's host today when she entered the MTC! Kara was so excited to see Brooke and see a familiar face. Brooke is doing well and wanted me to tell y'all hello!


2 thoughts on “1 June, 2013 00:55

  1. Bula vanka to Sister Kara Trammell. I would love to know her MTC address. I am Brooke’s Auntie Caroline [Caroline Wolfgramm Irwin]. We have family roots in Fiji…how be it in the 16th century!

  2. It was SO FUN seeing Brooke at the MTC when we were dropping Kara off. They will be amazing sister missionaries!

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