“and that’s why, little mice, you learn a language”

-I’m starting my fifth week here at the Provo MTC…. say what?! Next Thursday (or Friday) I’ll receive my re-assignment and I’m so excited/freaking out… I can’t wait to find out where I’m needed but I don’t feel like I’ve learned enough!! Oh well. I know Heavenly Father will help me. Speaking of re-assignments, I’ll be able to CALL Y’ALL!!! I don’t know what time exactly- it will probably be late (like 11) but anyways… keep an ear out for that 🙂 It will only be for 5 minutes but hey! That’s pretty exciting that I’ll get to talk to y’all yeah?

-Sister Cowan and I get to skype Brazilians tonight!! Ahhhh!!!! Pray for us… we’re going to need it. haha Natives speak so fast (although Irma Petitta says they don’t)…. Thank goodness for help from Above.

-The longer you stay at the MTC, the funnier the dumbest things are, if that makes sense. For example, we create songs. We have now "translated" most Disney songs into "missionary appropriate songs." We sing "Mail" instead of "Sail" by Awol Nation and every night when we get letters, we sing the Mail song from Blue’s Clues. and we die laughing everytime we do. it’s ok, we’re missionaries. we’re suppose to be cool like that.

-Thanks for all the ‘Dear Elders’ that y’all send to my district!!! I knew I could count on my family and friends 🙂 P.S- Eli, you are now the coolest 10 year old that my district has ever met. Sister Marble said she wants to get re-assigned to Georgia so she can meet you and help you prepare for you mission. I love you Eli!

-Parker, Hamilton, Tate, and Eli… I have another challenge (read: encouragement) for y’all. Sing every song in church. You can sing quietly but sing! One day on your missions you may be prompted to sing a certain song. Sister Cowan and I sang the song, "where can I turn for Peace?" to our investigator Angela and as soon as we began singing, the Spirit filled the room and she told us she felt it afterwards. Music touches souls. The Holy Ghost touches souls. When you sing in a lesson or to your future investigators, they will feel the spirit. The message of those lyrics will touch their hearts in a way spoken words can’t. It’s just how it works.

I have another "encouragement" for y’all… Find one ancestor and study their lives. They can be great uncles, great grandparents, anyone!! Just pray and ask Heavenly Father who you should learn more about from our family. When you get your answer, find out all you can about that person. Find stories from their lives about faith, hard work, diligence, patience, etc and cling to those stories. Relate them to your life. I promise you will feel a stronger connection to our family and you will be blessed. Parker, I was thinking of John Kauffman McKenney but you decide. Eli, maybe you can learn about Clifford Eli Davis! Y’all decide and let me know! 🙂 I love you all- Parker, Hamilton, Tate, and Eli so much. xoxoxo

(oh can y’all watch the Church animated movies for me on sunday? watch the Army of Helaman… I was reading in the last few chapters of Alma about the young warriors and the video was playing in my head. haha i love those movies!)

-Two more things before I have to get off:
Uncle Mike Hawley sent me a few talks and one line really stood out to me. "We hear what we listen to"— If we tune our ears to hear complaints, offensive music, vulgar thoughts, or anything that takes us away from the Spirit, that is what we’ll listen to. that is what we’ll follow. The opposite is also true. If we tune our ears to hear the ‘thank you’, words of the scriptures and of the prophets, music that uplifts our spirits, and if we tune our ears to the needs of others, that is what we’ll listen to. that is what we’ll follow.

My friend is working in another country in an orphanage and she send me this e-mail the other day. What she said is something that I had previously read about in the scriptures and something I’ve been thinking about lately…
"I… work in a room with kids who are completely bedridden. All they do is lay in their beds. They are fed through a tube, have their diapers changed for them, and are barely spoken to. I feel so blessed to be the one that gets to make them happy for a few minutes a day. Their spirits are so strong… and they have taught me so much about feeling joy regardless of the circumstance. they have nothing, but all it takes is someone saying their name and their smiles beam."– We don’t need to wait to feel joy. Our circumstance DO NOT determine if we are or are not joyful. We have the power to choose. These sweet children have, it seems, everything working against them, and yet they find a reason to smile. How many more reasons do we then have to smile? I can think of thousands.

I am so grateful for this gospel which literally means "good news." The ‘good news’ is that we have a loving Heavenly Father who wants us to return to Him. He sent His perfect son, Jesus Christ, to show how how to return to our Heavenly Father. The gospel of Jesus Christ- faith, repentance, baptism by immersion, and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost- is the why and how of being happy in this life and in the eternities. I am a representative of Jesus Christ. I love Him with all I have. I fall short of being a perfect servant for Him in a million ways but He helps me if I just try my best.

Thank you for your love and support.
Hoorah for Israel.

Until next week-

All my love,
Sister Wolfgramm


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