Her Poem

Many of you know I write poetry from time to time. I tried to finish this before she left, but just finished it, so I sent it to her to receive tomorrow.

Here it goes:


Oh, My darling daughter, Dear! You will greatly be missed here!
When off to Brazil, away you go–
To preach to people you don’t even know.
The gospel light you share from within
Will transform lives as they begin again.
What love and kindness you will bring–
to the Brazilian people– their spirits will sing.
I know you will be an instrument in His hands,
even though you may never know your influence in these foreign lands!
Go forth with honor and your faith will increase…
In your heart, I pray daily, you will have peace!
Know that your Savior and Heavenly Father’s Love
Will keep you safe as you receive blessings from above.
ALWAYS remember your family loves you-Oh SO MUCH!
Whether or not we send letters, packages and such!
Do your best–Be obedient, Love and Serve,
And in the eternities, you’ll receive all you deserve!


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