Nos Estamos Peros

To those of y’all who wrote "Dear Sisters"- Thank you!!! I promise I will respond eventually 🙂

I have been in the MTC one whole week and a few days! Can you believe it?! I can’t. It feels like I’ve been here longer. Honestly it’s hard to remember "life before the mission." Although it’s been 10 days, my mission has changed my life forever. I have never been more humbled in my life and yet I have never felt so much joy. I love this work. I love learning about the gospel. I love helping people recognize that God loves them personally.

My companion and I had the opportunity to teach a young man named Carlos this past week.
He didn’t believe that God had time for him and he didn’t understand that God was his Heavenly Father. As Sister Cowan and I taught him how to pray and feel the Spirit, Carlos received his answer that he has a Heavenly Father. He also accepted the invitation of baptism, read the Book of Mormon, and prayed to know if the things we taught him were true. Sister Cowan and I felt love for Carlos and we were so humbled to have had the opportunity to teach him about the gospel in Portuguese… Two days later "Carlos" entered our classroom as our teacher 🙂 Gotta love the MTC. haha

Yesterday we had the opportunity as a district to practice contacting people on the streets. We were with a group of Portuguese missionaries going to Portugual in 12 days…. to say we were "intimidated" was an understatement. Before we began talking with them I said a quick prayer in my heart that the Lord would bless my ability to speak Portuguese. My companion and I spoke five minutes about the gospel of Jesus Christ and the restored gospel- with out any notes!!! That is a miracle my friends. My testimony of prayer has increased in leaps and bounds while at the MTC. I know that the Lord hears our prayers and that when we seek to do His will, He will bless us. I feel so honored to wear Christ’s name on my name badge and to share with people the very thing that brings me so much joy- the gospel. Please pray. Please please PLEASE pray. Pray morning and night- pray out loud, pray in your hearts, pray on your knees, pray while you stand. I wish I would have prayed more before coming to the MTC… not because I feel "bad" but because I have more fully understood that prayer is a tool in which we communicate with our Heavenly Father. Just as I am using this e-mail to communicate with y’all, prayer is our we can talk one on one with our Father in Heaven. Please Please pray.

Thank you for the comments on my blog (thanks mom for sending them to me). They were just what I needed to hear, especially Auntie Caroline’s because right after I read her comment I read Mom’s "Dear Sister" that my online visa had expired yet again. I know there’s a chance that I may never make it to Brazil. I’m ok with that because I know the Lord wants me to learn Portuguese. He wants me on a mission and I will go wherever He needs me. That’s what I agreed to when I signed my name on the paper.

I’m running out of time but I just want to share two more things:

1) My district and I just got back from the temple. I love that place with all my soul. I testify that the Temple is the House of the Lord.
Being in the temple unifies people because I believe the pure love of Christ (charity) and the Holy Ghost are more fully felt.

2) How’s the scripture reading coming along? Are y’all going to finish it in 5 weeks? I know that the scriptures are the words of God. Never in my life have the scriptures been so alive. I see patterns for how to live my life on every page. Please read from the Book of Mormon daily. Take time to pray before and afterwards. I love the Book of Mormon so so so much. Please do not take it for granted.

All my love,
Sister Wolfgramm

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